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About me

About me

I’m a 31 years old Chinese that was born and raised in the Caribbean (small island called Aruba), then lived in Holland for 7 years, 1 year Switzerland, and now in London for almost 4 years, working as a research assistant as well as doing my phd. I basically covered most of the continents around the world, so I’m quite an international person. I really like meeting new people, absorbing new lifestyle and culture. So London is definitely a perfect place to experience this. I study/work from 9 am till 6 pm, and sometimes going to the lab during the weekend. Most of my friends described me as being laidback, always jolly, and always positive. My hobbies are surfing, playing guitar, cooking, and painting. One of the key requirements I'm searching for in a flat is a decent kitchen, which is something I'm definitely into, because I rather spend time making good food than eating out. I’m also searching for a place that is relax and chill, where I can call it home, but yet still located somewhat close to St Mary Hospital, because I will start my new job at that hospital, Paddington. Hope to match with you guys soon :)

Maximum budget: £800/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • Paddington
  • Bayswater
  • Lancaster Gate