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About me

Hi! My boyfriend and I are looking into moving to Manchester in June and we’re in search of a room to rent in the city center with a budget of 400-500/month. We’d like to commit to no more than 3 months to start with, but would most likely be staying for 6 months or more. A little bit about us: I’m from a Portuguese island (Madeira) and work online as a freelance designer. Dan is from Blackburn, and we’re actually moving to Manchester because he is currently working there as a visual content creator. We’re both 24 and met three years ago while volunteering in Cambodia. Since then we have basically traveled together for a year in Asia, spent a year working in Lisbon, Portugal and then spend another year (last year) traveling in Asia while working remotely as digital nomads. This year, we’re looking into settling for a while in Manchester and would love to find a place where we feel comfortable and can enjoy the city life. I enjoy doing yoga so having some space for a yoga mat would be ideal. I also enjoy the sun, so would love to have a lot of natural light in the house! Dan enjoys reading, photography and drumming (don’t worry, he won't bring his drum kit along!). We’re both very calm and tidy, and enjoy cooking and watching films together in the house. We don’t smoke or drink coffee, and we love Asian food! Please let us know if you have a room available and if you’d be interested in arranging a meeting. Thanks, Madalena and Daniel

Maximum budget: £500/month

Ready to move in: 01-06-2019

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  • City Centre Manchester