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About me

The perfect week around work for me looks something like: - Gym 3 times, usually in the morning - Head to work, either listening to one of my favourite podcasts (Joe Rogan's is typically top of the list) or reading a chapter of the book I'm on (currently Derren Brown's Tricks of the Mind which has been fascinating so far!) - The ideal post work itinerary is sport first (7-a-side football or squash at the minute) followed by dinner and drinks with friends to even out previous sporting activity ;) - the best weekends are trying to learn something new in the morning just for the fun of it (recently this has been trying to ballroom dance as well as develop a left and a right foot), catching a game of live football in the afternoon, and rounding it off with a musical or new show (and possibly appeasing my mild mojito addiction at some stage) I’d be looking for flat mates with similar interests, down to earth, tidy, sociable people ideally close to my age of 24

Maximum budget: £1250/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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