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About me

Hi! I'm Anna. I'm a 23 yr old woman from Bristol looking for a room in a shared house or flat within easy walking/cycling distance of Dundee Uni. I'll be starting work as a research assistant at the Uni at the beginning of September and will be studying for a PhD at the same time. Because I'll be employed, I'm looking for year-round accommodation, not just term times. I guess that rules me out for student lets (and I'm going to be liable for some Council Tax). I'd like to share with a group of tenants, on an equal footing, rather than be a lodger sharing with a home owner. I'm not a massive party animal or big drinker. I'm friendly, easy-going and sociable and a laid back and considerate housemate (I'm told!). I enjoyed living in a shared house as an undergrad and I'd be lonely living on my own. It's good to have someone around to hang out with in the kitchen, share crap TV with and have a laugh. I like cooking and would be up for cooking and eating with housemates sometimes. I make damn fine curries! I'm a liberal, lefty, feminist scientist with no religious beliefs. I'm not in a relationship. Happy to house-share with friendly people of any gender and orientation. I'm really going to miss my cats so cats and/or dogs would be a bonus! I'll be completely new to Dundee and don't know anyone there yet. I'm a keen swing dancer and am looking forward to joining the Dundee swing dance community. I've also got into bouldering in the past couple of years and would like to do more of that. A small point - I'll need somewhere to keep my bike securely. I haven't rented for two years (I've been living at home for two years saving for and studying for a Masters) so not sure whether I could still get a landlord's reference. Looking forward to making new friends in Dundee!

Maximum budget: £400/month

Ready to move in: 20-08-2019

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