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About me

Hi there! I'm moving to London (from Canada!) in the beginning of September and am in search of a place to live. I'll be doing my MA in Strategic Communications at King's and would love to find a place that's an easy commute to the Waterloo campus. I graduated from my undergrad last year and spent the past year working in government before deciding to move to London for a change of pace (the 9-5 wasn't for me) and explore new career options. Completely uprooting my life to chase my dreams, wild! A bit about me! I'm a freelance writer who's into politics and journalism so I'm usually writing about or discussing current events. In my spare time I enjoy exploring local music and finding music-related things to do. I get most of my energy from being social and being around people so I'm looking forward to meeting people and exploring the city together! I also enjoy staying in to watch movies, read, or just relax. I'm in a few book clubs here at home so building community is important to me. I like my space to be clean and cozy so you don't have to worry about mess. Not the best cook but I'm learning. I'm very much a Libra, Hufflepuff, and ENFJ if you're into that sort of stuff :-)

Maximum budget: £650/month

Ready to move in: 05-09-2019

Looking for a room in

  • Zone 1
  • South London