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About me

Hello out there! My name is Marwin (26) and I will move to Birmingham for my second Master starting in mid-September 2019. I am looking for a single room in a flat and I would love to live together with flatmates who are either students themselves at Masters stage, PhDs or young professionals. However, if the fit is very good, I can also very well imagine myself living together with a family! About me: I would describe myself as an open-minded, interested and sporty person. Most of my free time I spend either reading, meeting people / friends or doing sports. Most of the books I read find their origin in the field of business / economics, however, now and then a book of another field such as politics or history sneaks its way through and lands on my reading list. I love to talk and discuss about a wide range of topics and especially appreciate discussions in which the collocutors have some sort of scientific water-proof arguments. In general, I highly appreciate people who are passionate about one topic and who are eager to share their thoughts on the world from their perspective. My closest friends come from various backgrounds and I always felt it enriching to engage in discussions in which the people present shed light on the topic from different perspectives. When I do sports, I normally run. Just recently I picked up table tennis again, which I played for a long time during my youth and if there is a suitable club in Birmingham which is not too far away from my apartment, I am planning to play some balls there! During my bachelors I studied and worked abroad at several places including Colchester (England) and Kairo (Egypt). I love to explore new places / cultures and over the four weeks-period before study start, I will spend some time in Thailand together with my girlfriend. The apartment in which I move into I prefer to be clean and tidy. In the past my flatmates and I never had a cleaning rota as we always managed to keep the apartment free from chaos and dust anyhow. However, I am very flexible regarding cleaning rotas, etc. and can adjust myself to the respective environment. If you would like to have an open-minded, interested German student sticking around, I might be a good candidate for your apartment. I would love to hear from you! Best, Marwin

Maximum budget: £450/month

Ready to move in: 20-09-2019

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