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About me

Hello everyone, I am a 20 years old student at King's College London, going onto my second year from September. I'm looking for a females only house share (not sharing with males) so my ideal flatmates would be females (preferable students, around my age would be perfect!) I am a really approachable and understanding person. I like to have a chat with the people I live with, and at the same time I respect their privacy and alone times, just as I love spending time with myself alone in my room, watching some series with some snacks. I live 5 hours away from London right now. To come to uni, I leave behind my family who I adore and miss the most. My ideal flatmates should allow my family and friends to visit me once in a while, I will give them notice and be respectful (ie not too loud), just as I don't mind my ideal flatmates having family or friends over. After all, we all want to have a peaceful, happy and good time in our ideal houseshare/flatshare. My hobbies are listening to music, reading, watching series, going to uni society events and go to motives with friends. I am a practicing Muslim girl, and I absolutely don't have a problem with sharing the house with non-Muslim girls. I don't smoke, or drink alcohol. I tidy after myself, I like to keep my room and kitchen and bathroom clean (except when I'm running late in the mornings so I clean the room when I come back home). My uni friends (girl friends not guys) could come to visit me as friends do, my ideal flatmates should be okay with that just as I would not mind them having their friends over :) I'm originally Pakistani, but I lived 14 years in Italy, so I can speak both Urdu and Italian fluently (and English, of course). If you think I can be your suitable flatmate, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Maximum budget: £500/month

Ready to move in: 01-09-2019

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