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About me

About me

Hey there, it’s a pleasure to get digitally aquatinted. I come to you as a writer and a model professionally; a runner and a boxer vocationally; and an avid reader to fill those pesky gaps of time in between. I want to find a beautiful place to live and a great housemate (or two) to share it with. It’s a tough ask of London to gift such things in a lump sum, but I remain pleasantly optimistic, I can assure you! I’m mostly reclusive or busy due to my schedule with work (I travel a lot, I’m writing from Malaysia at this current time), as such I’m sure you’ll seldom see too much of me. I’m clean, considerate (though admittedly the latter wears thin if overworked, though isn’t that true of us all?), and most importantly a great housemate for the right person or people. Hopefully you fit the bill! Thank you for taking the time to read this. It was after all a pleasure to write it for you. I hope very much to be chatting with you soon, and look forward to seeing your beautiful pad. J

Maximum budget: £1000/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • London
  • West London
  • Zone 3