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About me

I’m a hygienic and well organised student but if you want to know wether or not i’ll keep your house clean, good news, i have asthma so obviously i cant let my surrounding areas be dusty. I like your place because i prefer wide open spaces to study in, and also because i’ve got a lot to cover this coming year so i would be spending most of my time indoors. The only reason i would have people over is for leisure activities, or for group study as this property is not far away from my school which is Bellerbys College in Greenwich. Also i’m the kind of person that can’t see messes, not to say I'm a clean/neat freak but i prefer having a clean household.  For the rent, my father will be handling the payments most probably via international transfer consisting the minimum tenancy of 6 months upfront, however, i will be paying the deposit by cash. Immediately after the viewing if possible. I do not party, i do have a girlfriend who lives in camden, besides rent, i manage my own finances and schedules and i have classes everyday starting 9am so i dont occupy my time at night with booze and food friends as i would prefer a relaxing environment. My sister is working part time in the UK as well so she and my girlfriend would be the only frequent visitors. To answer your question on wether or not i’m in a healthy financial status, generally i would say all foreign students are. Surprisingly school accommodations cost over £1000 a month but has no privacy or space to study.   Do let me know when are you available for a viewing should you choose to have one. The sooner the better, if you need any more additional information or if you feel like I have a shot, i’m only in greenwich during the day so i could just pop up as soon as you give me the time and date for this weeks viewing. Thanks!

Maximum budget: £1350/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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