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About me

About me

I will be new to London when I move - this means that while I have a number of friends already in London, I would also love to be social with my housemates (I'm equally happy doing this at home or something out and about!). I would like to be able to have friends stay over (one at a time!) every once in while, with due warning of course!!) and so am of course completely happy with other people's friends staying too. I love meeting new people, so the more the merrier really! I love cooking and baking (will probs be in the kitchen 90% of the time doing this and/or drinking excessive amounts of tea) + salsa and dancing and a bit of running when I have the energy. I'd also like to try some new hobbies - I'm happy trying things out on my own (so won't be nagging anyone to join that isn't keen!!), but also super up for trying out some new things with housemates if they're keen to. I really enjoy going out on the town every once in a while (because I love throwing some shapes on the dancefloor), but I don't drink so will never be rowdy late at night. As with other things, open to going with other friends and/or going with housemates if that's their thing too. Ooh, and I also like the outdoors, so I am always open to a wander in the park.

Maximum budget: £700/month

Ready to move in: 05-11-2018

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