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About me

I am looking for someone to search and share a 2-bed apartment long-term somewhere in London within commutable distance to work (SW). Looking for a quality, new-build apartment similar to those in Saffron Square but closer to the central, close to major transport links, preferably with a balcony, lax pet policy (considering fostering dog/s), maybe gym and other amenities. About me 24-year old Londoner working as a research technician at a London university so science geek over here! Introverted but enjoy socialising, cooking, travelling, Netflix, music and simply chilling. Hoping to find a place to call home long-term. I'm very clean (mess freaks me out) so would need someone pretty organised and super neat, chilled and friendly, sociable so doesn't mind occasionally having people over and prefers to join in cheeky cocktails and chilled nights in/out - for me, flatmates aren't people you just passively live with, I mean, you're gonna have to laugh at my jokes at some point.... Move-in date is very flexible. Must be very 420 friendly - please read on! __________ To be transparent with potential roommates as it's a debatable subject, since living in California this past year almost daily I use cannabis medicinally due to blood disorder as well as recreationally. I typically use a vaporiser so it doesn't smell and limits the effects but I also use other methods. I want my home to smell like one so usually I smoke outside or at least out the window whilst airing the room. I don't conform to the lazy, stoner stereotype but whoever I live with must be chilled with this. Having a small pet such as a dog gives you points lol :P

Maximum budget: £850/month

Ready to move in: Immediately