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About me

Hi, I’m a friendly, sociable kind of person who hates writing things like this about himself but here goes! I’m a journalist for a national newspaper and currently living in a flat share in Shooters Hill. I work quite long hours and also spend quite a bit of time staying down in Sussex where my 11-year-old daughter Ruby lives. The reason I’m looking to move is because one of my current flat mates treats the lounge as her personal office and makes everyone feel awkward if you go in there to watch the telly in the evening while she’s sat at the table working. What I’m looking for is a nice relaxed, sociable atmosphere when I come home. I’m quite easy going, pay the bills on time, tidy up after myself and even take the bins out every now and again ! I’m in my 40s so my crazy party days are (mostly) behind me so looking to live with people who have a similar sort of lifestyle. I like watching good stuff on Netflix, listening to music, reading, drawing, pub quizzes and (not as much as I should) going to the gym. I also make a mean spag bol ! I’d also like to stay in the same sort of area near Greenwich / Blackheath. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more. Thanks, James

Maximum budget: £900/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • South London