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A crucial part of having a good renting experience is your relationship with your landlord, yet the role of a landlord has for too long been shrouded in mystery. Added to this are the countless negative headlines that surface every time a landlord doesn’t fulfill their duties, and renters could be forgiven for thinking that their landlord is ‘the enemy’. At ideal flatmate, we’ve seen the value and benefits that good quality, caring landlords can bring to their tenants lives. We have spoken to and met countless landlords that go the extra mile for their tenants and genuinely take an interest in the wellbeing of the people living in their properties. Our Ask The Landlord campaign will be shining a light on these practices, promoting those landlords who are setting the example for the sector, and allowing all our users to ask any difficult or confusing questions they want to ask their landlord!

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Each month a different one of our landlord users will be answering any questions you may have that you haven't been able to ask your own landlord or that you would like some professional advice on. Some example questions are featured in the videos above and the answers will be emailed to you and featured as part of the campaign.

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  • "Loving ideal flatmate! Found the perfect flatmate for one of my properties."

    Gertie OwenProfessional Landlord
  • "ideal flatmate is an invaluable resource for finding great flatmates and Rob and Tom are very helpful if you need to get in touch."

    Peter CartyProfessional Landlord
  • "I'm using ideal flatmate as an alternative to other sites. It's intuitive and promises to be a great competitor to the rest of the market."

    Chris SwinchettProfessional Landlord
  • "We are too dependent on SpareRoom... we have to sift through thousands of tenants to find the right one."

    Andrew & Christina WallaceProfessional Landlords

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