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Our Mission

Today, flatsharing is a way of life for so many of us, across all generations. Almost half of 21-35 year olds rent privately, and a huge proportion of us live in flatshares. However, the 40+ age bracket is actually the fastest growing group in flatsharing.

As more of us rent for longer, we believe flatsharing can be a positive thing. And it all starts with people. Choosing a flatshare is not just about choosing a property to live in. It's about choosing a group of people to share part of your life with.

Ideal Flatmate's mission is to make that part of your life as good as it can be.

Tom Gatzen & Rob Imonikhe
Tom Gatzen and Rob Imonikhe

Tom Gatzen - Co-Founder

Tom quit his comfortable PR job in 2016 to launch Ideal Flatmate after becoming passionate about building his and Rob's vision of a better, more personal flatsharing platform. He is the Operations and Marketing Director of the company, ensuring the ship keeps pointing forward and that the growing body of flatsharers in the country are engaged with the company.

Tom has a (largely irrelevant) degree in history from UCL. He is a diehard Watford FC supporter, a keen tennis player and actually enjoys reality shows like Ex On The Beach.

Rob Imonikhe - Co-Founder

Rob is the second half of the founding partnership at Ideal Flatmate and has driven forward it's growth from a conversation in Jamie's Italian in summer 2015 to the fastest growing flatsharing platform in the UK. He leads on user engagement and experience, as well as product delivery and building partnerships.

He worked in sales before founding Ideal Flatmate and before that as a research analyst. He has an (also largely irrelevant) degree in Philosophy from UCL.

Our Values

Today's flatsharers are a fast growing group and will soon make up the most popular way of living in the UK. Ideal Flatmate strongly believes this is a good thing and was created to help make finding the right person to live with as easy as possible!

We know from personal experience how difficult finding the right group of housemates can be, and how disastrous it is when things don't work out. That's why we are putting people and personality at the heart of the flatsharing experience.

Our unique matching algorithm makes it easier for the rapidly growing number of flatsharers to find their most suitable living partners. All it takes is a couple of minutes to answer 20 questions about your living habits!

We believe that who you live with is more important than simply where you live and will do everything we can to help you find the best possible flatshare!

Join the 10,000s who have already signed up and started meeting their new flatmates here.

The Team

Jonathan BainesChairman

Jonathan Baines

Jonathan has spent decades as chairman of a FTSE listed business. Before that he launched and ran a successful headhunting business. He is also chairman of Candy Kittens, a confectionary startup.

Alex ColasSocial Media Manager

Alex Colas

50% French & 50% British, Alex has been working in Sales for a PropTech lettings company for a few months and is an aspiring 'Growth Hacker'. He is passionate about Digital Marketing, Stock market investing & Ju Jitsu.

Dr Paula BancaHead of Research

dr. Paula Blanca

Paula worked with Ideal Flatmate to develop our unique matching algorithm. She is a highly accomplished academic in the field of experimental psychology. Paula is a researcher with the University of Cambridge and is currently conducting a research fellowship with the Wellcome Trust. Paula is a keen dancer in her spare time.

Nick Smith-SavilleHead of Finance

Nick Smith Saville

Nick Smith-Saville is the head of finance at Ideal Flatmate. Nick is a Chartered Management Accountant, with a decade's worth of experience as an investment banker and credit analyst. Nick provides a clear view of the business developing a commercial strategy

Irina PetculescuFront-end Developer

Irina Petculescu

Irina has been with Ideal Flatmate since the idea's inception. Irina is an accomplished web designer with 19 years of experience. She helps Ideal Flatmate with planning user journeys, design and front-end coding. Her specialty is large responsive interfaces. In her free time she is an avid mountaineer.

Flossie SkeltonContent Producer

Flossie Skelton

Flossie developed arts films at the BBC before moving into publishing, where she has worked across editorial, marketing and PR departments. She likes words, arty stuff and going to the pub.

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