How it works

How Ideal Flatmate Works

The first UK site dedicated to helping you find the right flatmates.

1. Register

Sign up to advertise your room to fill or to start searching for one that is available.

2. Ideal Matching

Take our survey to help find your ideal match. Our carefully selected 20 questions will help us put you in touch with the most suitable potential flatmates and give you a better chance of finding the most compatible people to share a home with.

3. Get to know each other

Use our message board to chat and ask questions of each other. You can also create groups to find people to fill larger properties. It's quick, easy and can be done on the move - on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

4. Meet up

Once you have been matched and had a chance to get to know each other, its time to take that relationship further and meet face to face! 

5. Secure your place

If confident you've met the right person, move in and start enjoying your shared living experience!