Tips for Boosting Hits

Tip 1. Pictures.

Good image vs bad image
  • Use natural light
    Find a space in indirect sunlight, this will brighten up the room and make it look bigger.
  • Tidy up
    Remember this is a competition, be clean and tidy, show off your listing!
  • Use a high-quality camera or smartphone
    A good quality photo instantly stands out from the rest. (Note: If you don't have one, ask to borrow a friends)
  • Don't take pictures after sunset
    Refrain from using artificial lighting e.g. lamps, fluorescent lighting, fairy lights etc.
  • Less is more
    aim for 4 or 5 pictures that show off. Leave out irrelevant photos... We don't want to see your local chippy!

Tip 2. Description.

  • Introduce yourself
    Add a personal touch, because people are much more likely to enquire if you sound inviting.
  • Structure & layout
    Outline clearly what's great about your room e.g. Current tenants, Location, Amenities etc. (Note: Sub- paragraph if you like!)
  • Be specific
    Don't ramble, keep your future tenant interested, they're only one click away from someone else's room.
best price

Tip 3. Pricing.

The sore subject...

Pricing is key - No matter how artistic you've got with your photos or if your description should be published in a home and lifestyle magazine, people don't want to rent your room if it's unreasonably priced.

ideal flatmate's 3 C's to pricing:

  • Compare
    Find other listings on ideal flatmate and get an idea of the average price for your listing, both in terms of the location/area and the property itself.
  • Compete
    This is simple, if your price isn't competitive, your room isn't going to do well.
  • Don't cheat
    You will get found out if you put a ridiculously low or high price... "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Tip 4. Bio.

ideal flatmate is unique to other flatsharing sites, because we help match tenants so that you can find the most compatible flatmates for the home. It's such an important part of your hunt for a tenant, so make sure they know a little about you and feel comfortable enquiring.

Here are some examples of what you could include:

  • Your profession
  • What you like to do on the weekend
  • A regular hobby
  • How long you've lived in your chosen area
  • Your favourite film