34 Reasons Why You Should Live In London

London’s nice, it really is. And although everyone and their nan who doesn’t live in London, would say otherwise, you really should live in London at least once in your life.

Once you look past the constant hustle and bustle (and sometimes delayed transport), there is so much opportunity and culture around. And with beautiful landmarks, plenty of parks, friendly folk, great jobs, and really really delicious food, it’s easy to see why it’s our favourite city.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, here’s 34 reasons why you should live in London (and then find a room to rent from us)…

34 Reasons Why You Should Live In London

1. Shopping. So much shopping from Oxford Street to Westfield, and all the independent stores dotted in the local areas, you’ll never be short of finding an outfit for that date/night out/party.

2. There’s always plenty to do. Like all day, everyday.

3. Pubs. Oh so many pubs. And real good pubs too. Like Sunday lunch pubs, proper boozers, family-friendly pubs, cosy corner pubs and cool hipster pubs. You will never get thirsty.

4. The underground. It’s mostly good, sometimes not so good, but you know it gets you about the city. And it has wifi so that’s a plus. You just need to think of the positive times you’ve had on the tube, when you’re squished under someone’s armpit on the central line in August…

5. Beautiful landmarks. Looking at you Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s (and the rest of them tbf)

6. History. History everywhere.

7. And culture. Did you know there are over 300 different languages spoken in London?

8. People are nice and friendly. Contrary to what some say, most Londoners are just a genuinely nice bunch. And will help you, and chat to you and your bestie when you’re down the pub, or in the park.

9. Food glorious food. We don’t even need to say anymore.

10. Bottomless Brunch is important here. Honestly, every weekend (that includes Friday), Bottomless Brunch is the thing to do and you won’t be sort of delicious places to tuck into some good avo’ toast and mimosas. Check out our best places to brunch, and take our advice: Don’t make many plans for after…

11. And afternoon tea. It’s very much a normal activity here, which is good given all of the options and quirky places to enjoy a cream tea. And nobody judges you if you’re jam first (well, not much).

12. Amazing neighbourhoods. If you’re cool, not so cool, wanna be a workaholic or fancy brushing shoulders with the celebs, there’s basically a neighbour hood for everything. We’re talking Highgate for that village feel, Shoreditch and Hackney for the hipster folk, Camden for the music lovers and so on. Check out our area pages for some help!

13. It’s Instagrammable. Yep, we said it. But it is (psst, you can see for yourself here).

14. Green space everywhere. When people say there’s little green space in London, they’re lying. Have they never taken a walk to Regent’s Park, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens before? And every other park that’s in London. Basically, there’s a lot of places to get your Summer BBQ on.

15. Job opportunities. It’s a good working scene here.

16. The Eurostar. Because who doesn’t just love that feeling of nipping over to Paris and feeling really fancy for the day?

17. Did we mention food? Even places dedicated to your favourite grub (Cereal Cafe, we’re talking about you).

18. THAT skyline. Especially from The Shard or The London Eye, those views will never ever get old.

19. Christmas in London. It’s truly truly magical. Ice skate at The National History Museum, stand under the beautiful lights on Regent’s Street and feel fully festive at Winter Wonderland. It’s the most wonderful time of the year after all (especially in London).

20. And summer in London. Dip in Hampstead Heaths pond, or set up camp in one of the parks for a BBQ. Actually, all year round in London is wonderful.

21. Coffee shops a plenty. Everywhere you turn there’s a coffee shop. And we’re all for it. We even wrote about our favourite places here.

22. Festival fun. The summer is brimming with festivals, across all the zones. So you can enjoy the festival life without having to camp and wet-wipe wash. Now how about that?

23. A perfect location for travel. Ok so you may be working a little bit more, but with a location like London, it’s pretty easy to hop on a train or grab a plane and head elsewhere for a weekend, including Europe. We reckon once you get used to the travel life from London, you’ll never want to leave…

24. The Southbank. Absolutely breathtaking. You’ll never tire of a walk along there.

25. Architecture. So there’s architecture all over the world we hear you ask, and we agree, but have you SEEN all the different buildings and homes in London? There’s always something new to see and explore on every corner. There really is.

26. Music. Music is life in London. And there are hundreds of top music venues, gigs and festivals throughout the city, every single day.

27. And comedy. Because laughter is the best medicine. And London is the doctor.

28. Hang out with the Queen. Well not quite, but you might spot her at some point. We’re still working on that one…

29. The most amazing bookstores. London really has some of the most gorgeous book stores dotted around, that we reckon you’ll get lost in literature heaven like us. Take a trip to Daunt Books in Marylebone.

30. Museums, galleries, attractions, dinner spots – basically you’ll never run out of things to do here.

31. Endless rooms to rent. Yep, you’ll find much more selection here than anywhere else. And if you become BFFs with your new flatmates, that’s just the icing on the cake right? Find a flatmate here.

32. You only live once. So make a chapter of your life in London. You won’t regret it.

33. The food. Really. The food is the ultimate reason why you should move to London.

34. Londoners are cool. That’s what we tell ourselves anyway…

Have we swayed you yet?