5 Reasons to Move to Orpington



If you are looking for high-quality rental housing with an easy commute central London, Orpington is one of the best options that you’ve never heard of.


Set in the borough of Bromley, Orpington has long been a popular area for families. Increasingly though, the area is attracting young professionals, drawn by the promise of value for money and an easy commute into central London. 


In case you never considered Orpington as a potential area to live, we caught up with Chris Swinchatt, a professional Landlord, to find out what’s attracting more people to the area. 


1.  Commute time to London Bridge: 15 minutes 


“You can get into London Bridge in 15 minutes, and Charing Cross in 27 minutes. That’s faster than a lot of places in Zones 2-5.”


The longer you live in London, the more you realise that physical proximity to the centre is not as helpful as efficient transport links that can get you to where you need to be faster than battling through town. 



2.  Space.


Living in a box room in a flat in Zone 1 or 2, with no shared living space and a tiny kitchen is fun in your early 20’s, or if you don’t spend much time at home, but at some point in life, you are going to want some more space. For c.£600 per month, you can get a much more spacious room in Orpington than you could get more central. 


“All of our properties come with large shared living areas and a garden, so our tenants can really enjoy the time they spend there and it feels like a home.”



3. Higher Quality Homes


Just as you can get more space for your money, a wave of investment by private landlords and developers in recent years means you can get high-quality properties at more affordable prices. 


“A lot of people moving to Orpington want a bit more than you can get living in central London, they are ready for a step up to something more comfortable.”



4. Higher Air Quality 


This might not seem like a big deal, but living in a big city can take its toll on your lungs. By moving away from the centre of town, you can get massive air quality benefits. The air quality in Orpington is approximately 3 times better than it is in Zones 1 and 2. (Source: London Air)


Living in an area with better air quality means a lower chance of developing lung conditions and increased life expectancy. We are not saying that if you move to Orpington you will live longer, but you might!  



5. It’s on the up! 


Orpington is definitely on the up. As more families have moved to the area attracted by good schools, it’s attracted a lot of investment and there are now plenty of good restaurants, bars and activities. Whatever you need, it’s within easy reach. And when you feel like a proper night out or some culture, you can get into town in 15 minutes. 


“We’ve seen a lot more interest from young professionals recently, and we like to create a house-share with like-minded people who can get along.”


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