5 Signs You Are Living With a Christmas Freak

Christmas is just around the corner now… but if you live with a Christmas obsessive, it has been since the Halloween decorations came down. Here are the top 5 signs you are living with someone who takes Christmas a tad too seriously…



1. Micheal Bublé is bae 

Embrace yourself for the festive season starting as early as the 15th of November with Bublé’s Jingle Bells playing on repeat. Because who even waits until December anymore?! Waking up in the morning with this sweet sound will make you sick of Christmas before it’s even started. 



2. Kitchen makeover 

One day you walk into your flat and it looks like Poundland met Santa’s factory. You’ll probably think it’s cute until you choke on silver tinsel in your coffee. 



3. The flatmates Christmas dinner 

Christmas is the time to forgive all this year’s arguments and get together around a delicious dinner. Enjoy this time to reconnect with your lovely flatmates before Jack suddenly disappears just as it’s time to wash the massive pile of dishes. 



4. Christmas movie night every night 

You want to watch TV when you get home? Forget it, the only thing that will be playing for the next month are Christmas movies. You’ll see Home Alone for the 20th time and won’t miss out on Love Actually this year either – don’t you worry about it. 



5. Christmas jumpers are obligatory 

You’ll be amazed by the incredible diversity of Primark’s Christmas jumpers. Did you know you can buy a Rudolf the reindeer jumper with a lit-up nose? Me neither until I was forced to wear one by my Christmas-mad flatmate. Needless to say, it wasn’t a very comfortable dinner, with my jumper’s battery-pack scratching me all night. 



Merry Festive Season everyone, after all it’s still the most wonderful time of the year!