It’s no secret that there’s a stereotype when it comes to Landlords, and most of the time you’ll only hear of the horror stories when they’ve not fulfilled their duties. The landlord almost becomes the enemy. You get where we’re heading with this…
But actually, the majority of landlords are good at what they do. And a crucial part of having a good renting experience is your relationship with your landlord. At Ideal Flatmate, we’ve seen the value and benefits that good quality and caring landlords can bring to a tenants life, alongside taking a genuine interest in the wellbeing of those living in their properties. For us, landlords are top folk.

Therefore, we’re wanting to break the stigma surrounding landlords, we’ve launched an exciting new campaign – Ask The Landlord.

Ask The Landlord

Ask The Landlord will be shining a light on the practices, promoting the landlords who are setting the example for renting, and allowing all of our users to ask any difficult or confusing questions that you’re unsure to ask your landlord first. And whilst we can’t help you when you’ve locked yourself out of your home, our platform will provide you with the very best advice and expertise when it comes to all things landlord.

So, if you’ve lost your keys, have made some slight damage to the property (house party?!), wondering how best to renew a contract, or anything else renting related, one of our top landlords will answer your burning questions live online each month. Simply submit your questions via our Ask The Landlord page.

Basically, we care, and as our Co-Founder Tom says – we want to help as best we can with renters who are often unsure about the confusing and complex elements to rental living. Now sit back, and enjoy our trailer whilst thinking up your questions for next month!

Here’s to our awesome landlords!