Five (Not Naff) Father’s Day Gifts Under £10

Father’s Day is coming up. Yeah, we know. Used to not be much of a thing in the UK but it is getting bigger every day and now god forbid you forget to get the old man something come June 17th. We’re all on a budget, right, but nobody wants to nip into Asda or Wilko to get a present, and resorting to the dreaded “World’s Best Dad” on generic insert-name-here printable thingy via a quick Amazon panic-shop is just a bit crap really, isn’t it?

Not to panic. Just because we’re that awesome, we’ve found five pressies good for dads that aren’t unbelievably rubbish and cliched, and are less than a tenner. No dad really wants needs another mug, or more socks, or a themed keyring or something. Don’t be that kid.

Plus, because we’re even more awesome than that, we’ve even tracked down stuff from indie sellers (for that mega-caring-shopped-for-ages-for-this vibe) that is ready to ship inside of a day, so if you forgot the bloody date was coming up you can still nab something in time.

Beard Oil Gift Box – £9.99

This one only works if your dad has a nice big soup-catcher, of course, but this box of four scented beard oils (choose a quartet from a range that includes everything from gentle lavender to musky oak moss) comes in a lovely presentation skin and just oozes class. Definitely not a “grabbed from the bargin bin at Boots” jobby, this one.

Father's Day Gifts - Scented Beard Oils

Get it from Essential Beards.

Coffee Shampoo Bar – £7.00

Bonus points for this being all organic and handmade and such (if your dad’s into that kind of thing) – plus solid shampoos generally need less water than the plastic bottle kind, so good for the planet too, and smells amazingly of coffee. There’s also rumours that coffee shampoo is good for reducing hair loss but…well, maybe don’t mention that to the old man if he’s still in denial about the combover.

Father's Day Coffee Shampoo

Get it from Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

Cast Iron Bottle Opener – £4.00

Nearly every dad loves to crack a beer so why not give him a way to do it in vintage style with this rock-solid cast iron bottle opener. Each one is made in a UK foundry out of solid cast iron, which is pretty damned cool. For a quid more you can also get a wall-mounted version plus fittings; ideal if he wants a good excuse to get the power tools out and then have a beer, just to test the installation of course…

Father's Day Cast Iron Bottle Opener

Get these from Yesterhome.

Punny Plant Markers – £9.00

If dad likes a potter in the garden or is one of those veggie-growing fiends with pots and planters everywhere, make him snort through his nose (or maybe even laugh) with these painfully punny plant markers, featuring gems like “Dad, I’ll always have thyme for you” “Dad, thanks for all the encourage-mint.” Think of it as repayment for all the eye-rollingly awful dad jokes over the years.

Father's Day Gifts - Punny Plant Markers

Get them from Grace and Favour Home.

Make Your Own Bacon Kit – £9.99

Plenty of dads like to play in the kitchen (this is 2018, guys) and the temptation of home-cured bacon is going to make his mouth start watering. This lovely lot makes two batches of the stuff and can be used with pork loin for normal bacon, pork steaks for gammon steaks, or pork belly for delicious streaky bacon.

Father's Day Gifts - Bacon Kit

Get it (and many other similarly cool kits) from Spicely Does It.

There, now nobody has to suffer guilt trips on Father’s Day, or try to laugh off the joint pain of giving something awful and cliched and having spent too much money on it. Nuts to that. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take our flatmate finding quiz to match you up with a decent roomie, so you don’t end up stuck back living with the old man and having to endure even more of his patented Dad Humour.