Garden Ideas: Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Spring has finally sprung! Whether you have a terrace fit for two or a patio-sized for a dinner party- it’s time to bring some life back into your outdoor oasis.

    – Light it up: Lighting is everything when it comes to cosying-up your outdoor living space. This simple step perfectly warms up your nook, whether you want to have dinner in the fresh air, relax with friends, or enjoy a glass of red. Wrap the lights around a railing or hang them on a wall or fence and get ready for a beautiful scene when the sun goes down.

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    – Set the tone: Create chill vibes all around by getting a portable speaker. A speaker allows you to forgo an expensive outdoor sound-system and gives you access to your entire playlist with the click of a button. Set the mood by making your own playlists, unique for any occasion. 

Here at JBL is a super popular portable speaker at a friendly price. 

    – Embrace your green thumb: Living in a city, nature can sometimes feel a tad far. Add some plants and herbs to your outdoor oasis to create a lush environment. Don’t fret if you have a small space, you can save room by hanging plants on a wall or off of a railing. 

    Sit back and relax: Even with a tiny terrace, you can chill out with a cup of coffee in the fresh air. A chair and a small table is really all you need! To create even more room on your balcony, opt for foldable tables and chairs, which can be easily tucked away when not in use. Ikea has some great options for patio furniture and at reasonable prices!

    Add a unique touch: Kick up the decor a notch with a tasteful pillow and matching rug. Having a rug creates a cosy environment, and who doesn’t love going barefoot outdoors? Opt for colours and designs that compliment your style.

    – Kick up the heat: Stay warm when the sun goes down with a personal heater. These magical gadgets can bring a night from chilly to steamy with the flick of a switch. Find one at a low price with Primrose, and with next day delivery so that you can get it delivered to start enjoying some extra warmth now!

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