How much money are you wasting on cat litter?

With 31% of flatsharers being confirmed pet owners, many renters have to consider the added costs associated with having a furry companion.

Between food, grooming and the occasional fluffy toy, there are a few ways in which we can save money on what matters to our pets. These include buying food in bulk (provided their taste allows for this), performing your own claw-trims (carefully!) or even repurposing materials (who doesn’t love batting around a kitchen roll tube…)

But did you know that one of the ways you can save money, and do your bit for the environment at the same time, is during your cat’s trips to the litter tray?

Here at ideal flatmate we know that sustainability matters to our users, so here are some great reasons to make a small change that can lead to a big difference.

It’s better for the planet

Cat litter is a massive contributor to landfill waste, with an estimated 2 million tons of litter going there every year in the UK.

Not only that, but the methods used in manufacturing traditional clay litter can be harmful for the planet. Fuller’s Earth, the material used in clay cat litter is excavated directly from underground in a process called ‘strip mining’.

This process involves removing huge amounts of topsoil, vegetation and wildlife, which can lead to loss of natural habitats, deforestation and pollution. 

The damage doesn’t end there either, as clay cat litter isn’t biodegradable, the litter that ends up in landfill stays there for thousands of years, just like Roman clay pottery.

We’re pleased to see that increased legislation has been brought in many countries to stop this and companies are now embracing the motto of “not going wide but deep” (if deposits allow) to minimise the impacted area. After a deposit is depleted, companies are looking to “re-naturalise” the area to minimise the long-term impact.

This is a step in the right direction and we hope to see more countries bringing in increased legislation in the near future.

With Natusan however, the story is very different. 

Their premium cat litter is actually created from by-products of sustainable forestry. These off cuts are milled and mixed with a 100% natural clumping agent that ensures tight-clumping without any of the added nasty chemicals found in other cat litters. 

Not only is Natusan 100% biodegradable, but with their Collect & Compost service, your cat’s used litter is collected and turned into high quality fertiliser that can be used in agriculture. This is a prime example of a circular economy, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Plus, Natusan plants a tree for every order placed by their customers!

It’s convenient 

With Natusan, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never have to buy litter again, with their subscription service, their completely natural clumping litter is delivered to your door at a frequency that suits you (or rather, your cat).

Gone are the days of lugging around heavy bags of cat litter, not only is Natusan conveniently delivered throughout mainland UK, but it is also 60% lighter than the average mineral clumping cat litter, weighing only 330 grams per litre! This also means smaller bags, and less packaging!

Simply visit the website, select the amount of litter you need, and how often you’d like it to be delivered, and we do the rest, leaving you plenty of time left over for belly rubs…

It’s cheaper

Whilst it may initially seem to be the most expensive option, natural cat litter such as Natusan lasts much longer on average! 

Due to it’s tight-clumping nature and easy-to-scoop removal, switching to Natusan will reduce your cat litter usage by a whopping 65%*, saving on average £130 a year based on a 10L bag – less litter used, same amount absorbed.

It’s not just money that is saved with Natusan litter, but time too, as weekly litter tray changes are a thing of the past. High absorbency means less spreading around, simply remove the clumps as you go and clean out the tray once a month.

It’s odour absorbing

Some cat litters have added fragrances or other additives which claim to help mask odour. These perfumes serve to merely carry the smell around, and due to a cat’s enhanced sensitivity to smell this can be overwhelming!

Clumping litter, which allows for the simple removal of both liquid and solid waste, keeps your cat’s litter tray smelling fresher for longer.

Odour control in cat litter is mainly about avoiding the formation of ammonia. Natusan clumping litter performs 40% better on odour control than the average natural clumping litter brand. Your flatmates’ noses will thank you.

So what are you waiting for? Try Natusan’s biodegradable cat litter today for a happier cat, a better smelling home, and a healthier planet.

*switching to Natusan 100% biodegradable, clumping litter instead of throwing away, a non-clumping, non-compostable litter.