How To Win Free Stuff, Solved

Do you want to win free stuff?

Of course you do. We all love stuff way more when it’s free. Who could possibly say no to freebies of any shape or form?

Ok, so how do I win free stuff?

1. By signing up to brand giveaways

There are a few companies that do giveaways. Check out the ideal flatmate giveaway, which is great to win top-notch free stuff. Every month, 5 winners are selected to win a free Smart TV, PS4 pro, Alexa speaker, M&S vouchers and much more.

How do giveaways work?

It’s very simple. Usually, you just need to sign up, leave your details (name, email and phone number), and then you’re in for a chance to win the freebies. With the ideal flatmate giveaway, you can also increase your chances of winning by sharing a referral link with your friends.

How are giveaway winners chosen?

They are chosen randomly. If you have shared your link with friends you’ll have extra points, sort of like raffle tickets, which means you’ll be more likely to win.

How do I win the giveaway?

By referring a lot of other people to signup. Here are a few ideas:

2. By getting samples from free stuff websites

From canned mackerel, shoes or face cream, there are loads of websites where you can grab freebies from. The main ones are:

3. By pretending like it’s your Birthday every day

Bart Simpson had the idea, how come you didn’t?

You can use this technique in many different ways such as:

  • To get a free cake in restaurants
  • To get free doughnuts (if it does not work, use a bank card that won’t go through to increase your chances)
  • To get free gifts from your friends by changing your date of birth on Facebook (we recommend not doing this too often)

4. By picking up free stuff from people’s garages

Just go have a walk in the streets, there are loads of people putting their unwanted stuff in the street, and it’s all free for you to grab.

You can also check out Gumtree or Facebook marketplace, where people sometimes post the things from their garages they want to get rid of. Be quick to get the good stuff.

Hopefully, you now have all the free tools necessary to maximise your freebies and free stuff hunting efforts. Feel free to send us pics of what you get, the best ones will get some extra free stuff.

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