How would you feed these flatmates with £30?

How to feed your different flatmates?

In recent weeks, photos have flooded the internet showing the government’s new food parcels to kids on free school meals. Regardless of how much we individually eat, we can mostly agree that the value of the food in these government parcels was far below £30!

Here at Ideal Flatmate, we appreciate that everyone has their own needs in terms of food. So, we’ve decided to create our own food parcels that match the type of flatmate you could encounter! You will realise that most of the food parcels we show is under the price of £30, yet we are still able to boast a more exciting and satisfying selection than the government issued ones. 

All prices are taken from Tesco. 


I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had a flatmate that loves hitting the gym, so this parcel is all about gaining muscle! In this you will find a combination of protein and carbohydrates to build that size and frame you’ve always wanted. At ideal flatmate we always encourage exercise, but for significant results in the gym, most professionals will tell you that its 70% diet and 30% exercise to gain true results. Now with that being said, it does mean purchasing a lot of food on a consistent basis so this could end up burning a hole in your pocket!  

The Gym Lover basket                            Total: £29.29

  • Chicken breast 650g 
  • BBQ seasoning 
  • Big & Fresh mixed eggs 12 pack 
  • Nature Valley protein bars 
  • Active protein powder 
  • Tilda egg-fried rice x 3 
  • Yeo Valley vanilla yogurt x2 
  • Mixed nuts 250g 
  • Semi skimmed4 pints 
  • Quaker Oat Protein Golden syrup 


Nowadays, more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of what they eat and how they want to treat their body. A result of this is the growing popularity of the veganism in this country which doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, so why not create a parcel for them too? This parcel contains great alternatives to meat products as well as a dairy! 

Be wary though, one of the drawbacks to this lifestyle is that vegan products are rather expensive when compared to the typical meat/dairy product, so this box tries to cover most needs of the average vegan!

The Vegan Basket:                                   Total: £30

  • The meatless Farm meat free mince 400g 
  • Cauldron Falafel £1.60
  • Vegetarian Carrot and Butter bean soup 400g x 2 
  • Eat Natural Simply vegan bars 3 x 45g 
  • The Collective plant–based yogurt alternative, raspberry
  • This Isn’t Bacon Rashers 120g 
  • Violife Vegan Epic mature cheddar flavoured 200g 
  • Linda Mccartney 6 vegetarian sausage rolls 342g
  • Naked Glory vegan tikka Tenderstrips 280g 
  • Pizza express Giardiniera vegan pizza 272g 
  • Puka vegan minced beef & onion pie
  • Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise 270g 
  • Vitalife dairy free butter 500g 
  • Spaghetti pasta 1kg 
  • Dolmio plant-based Bolognese 150g


What’s better than a flatmate that shares their food with you? How about a flatmate that loves to cook! Inside this parcel is a range of different key ingredients that you can whip up to make a variety of loved dishes. There’s even a variety of spices and seasonings you can use to explore different flavours! It may seem that we would only recommend this to someone who can cook, but because of the national lockdown we’re also recommending this to everyone stuck at home as cooking, or learning to cook, is a great way to entertain yourself.

The Chef basket                        Total: £29.30

  • Large Tomatoes 450g
  • Flora Pure Sunflower oil 1L
  • Brown onions 3 pack 385g
  • Sweet peppers 500g
  • Chicken breast 650g
  • Beef mince 750g
  • Schwartz Paprika 40g
  • Schwartz Perfect shake Moroccan seasoning 40g
  • Piri Piri seasoning 50g
  • Mild Chili powder
  • Napolina Spaghetti 500g
  • Dolmio Bolognese original pasta sauce 500g
  • Free range eggs 12 pack
  • Sweet Potato Loose class 1 
  • Large stir fry 570g
  • Egg noodles 300g x 2
  • Spanish spicy chorizo 225g