Living With Flatmates: This Survey Tells 1000 Words! (Infographic)

Most of the talk around the nation’s housing situation is couched in negative terms, with commentators bemoaning the fact that people are buying a property later and later in life.


To investigate the assumption that flatsharing has a negative impact on us, we ran a survey of users and asked them how they feel about flatsharing. The results are surprising, highlighting the positive effects living with flatmates can have on your life and your mental wellbeing.


A massive 84% of people said that they felt living in a flatshare was good for their mental health. As for why this could be, the sense of having somebody there for you, and the access to a wider social group were some of the reasons cited in our exclusive survey. For instance, 85% of flatsharers said they had been cheered up by a flatmate when they’ve been in a bad mood, 81% have cooked a meal for their flatmate and 71% of Ideal Flatmate users have said they developed new friendships as a result of the people they live with. 


The survey uncovered some other interesting revelations, with 58% saying they liked sharing breakfast with a housemate and 37% of our users admitting that they have needed to be slipped some loo roll by a living companion whilst on the toilet.


We are excited to share our latest survey of our users which suggests that living in a flatshare provides a boost for people’s mental health and overall wellbeing



Key Findings

– 66% of people prefer eating with their flatmates to eating alone

– 81% of Ideal Flatmate users have cooked a meal for their flatmate

– 85% have been cheered up by a flatmate when they’re in a bad mood

– 84% of people said living in a flatshare in good for their mental health

– 71% of people have developed new friendships via their flatmates

– 37% of flatmates have been slipped some loo roll by a housemate while on the toilet

– 45% of Ideal Flatmate users have missed a meeting because they slept through their alarm

– 58% of people enjoy sharing breakfast or a morning coffee with a flatmate


Make Your Next Flatshare a Positive One!

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