Meet The Team: Gio

It’s all well and good knowing a brand as a brand, but do you know who you’re even talking to behind the screen? Well, here at ideal flatmate, we’ve got a pretty cool bunch of folk, if we do say so ourselves. So much so, that we think they need a little bit of raving about – you know, a whole blog post dedicated to them.

We slipped into their emails (we know DMs sound much better, but we’re not great fibbers) and asked some questions for you to know a little more about them.

Just don’t pick a favourite OK?

Meet The Team: Gi

There’s always that one person in the office who loves a spreadsheet, and that is Gio. Head of Growth, Gio helps ideal flatmate find scale through various ways such as channel testing, process optimisation and so on. Basically in a nutshell, Gio finds anyway to help us find growth, and he’s doing a cracking job. He’s also incredibly partial to biscuits and chocolate in the office – even declaring them a winning combination alongside his graphs and analytics. But don’t worry, he’s a sharer too.

Introduce yourself in a sentence

I am one of the many 250,000 Italians in London…however I might count as a 0.5 since I am half British.

Tell us about your background?

An all-round digital marketing expert specialising in Growth Marketing Consultancy, Paid Advertising, Marketing Automation, Account Management and Project Management. History of working with multinational data and analytics organisations and the last 3 years in a Growth Marketing company in London and has worked alongside 20+ tech startups helping them find scale. Co-founder of

When you’re not at ideal flatmate, what’s your favourite thing to do?

In the week – chilling with Netflix! At weekends I love meeting up with friends or going to see some of my family in Leicester.

Which is your favourite area in London?

The touristy areas… Oxford Street, Piccadilly, Soho but also Shoreditch – the buzz really reminds me of when I first moved to London (magic city!)

Where do you enjoy eating and drinking in the city?

Box Park Shoreditch

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I know my answer might be boring, since I am Italian…but Italy is the answer!

Quick fire round:

Early riser or night owl? A night owl that had to adapt to this early riser world!
House party or dinner date? Can you have both?
Coffee in or coffee out? I am the only Italian that doesn’t drink coffee… Main reason why I live in London. Yes, I have been kicked out of the country!
Cooking or takeaway? Cooking. I cook every evening!
Music or TV? TV – I love movies (sci-fi or psychological thrillers)
Laundry or dishes? You just reminded me, I need to find a cleaner!