Sharing lockdown: Charlie + Annie

During lockdown, Aussie flatmates Charlie and Annie started a little project making handmade roaming picnic boards which hold your wine glasses and of course your wine! Perfect for all your spring/summer park adventures. They are custom/made-to-order boards and at the moment are being made as 2 and 4 person tables. We absolutely love this idea and chatted to them about what inspired them and how they’ve coped with living in lockdown during the past few months.

How long have you been housemates?

We have been officially housemates for 10 months but have lived together for just over a year! Annie originally came to stay with us in my old flat in lockdown 1 because her one remaining flatmate was a creepy older guy. We moved out into a flat share a couple of months later.

How you’ve found living in a flatshare during Covid?

We are very lucky, we moved in with two girls who we get on really well with. We have game nights and recently our house/garden has turned into a workshop for our business. Our other housemates have been very supportive and have even helped us on a few of our photoshoots.

What inspired you to come up with the business?

We both have regular jobs, I am a paediatric A&E nurse and Annie is an account manager for a magazine. We both wanted a creative outlet and to create something we could use in the summer. We spent a lot of time last summer drinking in parks with our friends and the idea just came to us one morning! It took us a while experimenting with different materials before we created our product and it’s something we really love! It took us ages to come up with the name and there was a lot of yelling random ideas across the room. We both knew that when we came out the right name we would know straight away. we literally danced in our kitchen when we said it and a Sunday story was born.

What are your long term ambitions for the business?

We would love to see people in the park who we don’t know enjoying one of our boards! Also the dream would be if the side hustle could become the main hustle but for now we are just having fun creating these tables and making delicious content for our Instagram.

What are you most looking forward to when the world goes back to normal?

We can’t wait to have a picnic in the park with our friends but mostly we are counting down the minutes until we can get back on a plane. We both moved to london from Australia in order to see Europe so the sooner we can get back to that the better!