Spring Cleaning Made Easy – One Month Guide To A Spotless Clean Home!

Spring Cleaning Made Easy – One Month Guide To A Spotless Clean Home!

The passing of a year – 365 days – is a process. It consists of 4 tentative seasons, several climatic upheavals and random occurrences that have a completely profound impact on the way we live. This means that the place where you live bears the marks of all of these instances and more. From the thin layer of grime that coats every surface to the insane amount of seasonal laundry that has collected over the months, it’s needless to say that the idea of ‘Spring Cleaning’ is definitely a good one.

Now, you don’t have to pull out the big guns and do everything in a single day. In fact, it is quite impossible to do so in even a whole week – especially if you’re a student or a young professional, have a full-time job or naughty kids running about. So today, we’re going to share an easily do-able one month guide to a spotless, clean home.

Week 1 – Start With Efficient Zones

Just like the whole year passes in seconds, minutes, hours, days and months, similarly, the process of spring cleaning is a process. You can’t possibly start cleaning the whole house at once, so start with the most efficient zones. These refer to the spaces that see the most amount of functional activity. They include the kitchen and the workspace. Let’s take a look at just what you have to tackle in Week


Declutter Cabinets: This is quite possibly the most daunting task you’ll face during the entire spring cleaning. While completely emptying out the cabinets and restocking them from scratch is a big no-no, you can simply organize the existing utensils, spices and crockery according to type and usage. One cabinet can be dedicated to spices, two or more to the utensils and the remaining ones to crockery. Similar is the case with the drawers, jars, drinking glasses, mugs and the cutlery. This way, you’ll know which cabinet/drawer to reach for while cooking.

Organize The Fridge: The fridge tends to get super cluttered mid-season. All those forgotten pizzas, salads, drink bottles and more tend to remain inside until you remember that they might be beyond eating or drinking now. So spring cleaning is the perfect time to clear out your fridge, throw away all that you cannot bear to eat, and clean the inside of the refrigerator and freezer with a mixture of vinegar and water. It will remove the stains and absorb all the bad odours.

– Clean Out The Oven: The oven usually becomes the hiding place of all baking utensils plus things we don’t know where to put. You can take everything out, do a light cleaning by scrubbing the insides lightly, and put everything back inside again.


– Assembles Important Files & Paperwork: We all get lazy while organizing the paperwork, sometimes even lumping mismatched files into the same category. This can be a huge hassle when you need to find something specific within this clutter. Therefore, it’s best to start off the office cleaning by organizing all the paperwork. Keep all the important things in one file and throw away what you think is irrelevant. Then it’s time to assemble the shelves by categories. You can label all your files and neatly assemble them on the shelving by alphabetical order.

Organize Your Desktop & Folders: a cluttered desktop is a secret to a crazy mind. You might have figured out how to navigate the disorganized vacuum of your laptop interface, but it’s better to have everything neatly categorized and in individual folders. This way, you won’t have to sift through a million folders just to find that one file you put in there ages ago.

Update Malware Software’s: Lastly, it’s time to update all your antiviral software’s. Over the year, your laptop may have succumbed to several unknown viruses and malignant software’s, which is why the last day of the first week of spring cleaning is the perfect way to get rid of all these malware and make your computers speedy and efficient again.

Week 2 – Go To Personal Spaces

Week 2 is when you start decluttering your personal spaces – mostly the bedroom, bath and closet. Here’s how you should go about it:

Clear Out The Dresser & Side Tables: By the end of the year, your dresser and side-table drawers are going to be one hot mess of socks, books, make-up, jewellery pyjamas and some other small knick-knacks. It’s best that you organize this stuff according to categories. Socks go in one drawer according to casual, work and running genres. Make-up goes in another drawer according to the type and frequency of use. Similar is the case with jewellery and the rest.

Organize The Closet: You’ll notice that you’ll have an insane amount of clothes you’ve collected throughout the year. Some of it is even older. The best way to organize a wardrobe or a closet is by referring to the KonMari method. Conceived by Mari Kon, this method dictates that you hold a piece of clothing in your hand, ask if it has a purpose in your life. If it does, then keep it. If not, then thank it and pile it away for donation. She’s also discovered an amazing way to fold clothes known as vertical folding which allows one to make more room within the drawers of the wardrobe.

Organize The Vanity & Bath Cabinet: The vanity and cabinet are easy to assemble. You just have to reorganize the shelves according to the type of stuff you want to store in each one. The top one could be for medicine and first-aid kid. The second one could be for cosmetics. The last one could be for bathroom essentials like face-wash, shampoos, conditioner, body lotion and the like.

Week 3 – Clear Out The Public Zones

Week three is about clearing out the public zones of your home. These mostly include the living room. Here’s how you should go about it:

Vacuum The Area Rug/Carpet & Furniture: The first order of business while spring cleaning your living room is to vacuum the area rug/carpet and the soft upholstery. A good vacuum will suck away all the small dust particles and dry skin that have been clinging to your furniture for a while now.  You can use the vacuums upholstery attachment to clean the furniture easily. Don’t have a vacuum cleaner? Don’t worry – You can get discounts on the state of the art Air Ram vacuum cleaner at Plusvouchercode.

Wash The Curtains/Blinds: Whether your living room windows are draped in beautiful curtains or pragmatic blinds, it’s always a must to clean them up during spring cleaning. You must wash the curtains and vigorously dust the blinds to get rid of the dust that has been clinging to them.

Week 4 – Periphery Spaces

Week 4 is all about completing the Works, so now is the time to fix your backyard, front porch and the landscaping. Here’s how you can go about it:

Clean Patio Furniture: While spring is giving way to summer, you’ll find that your outdoor furniture might be a bit on the dirty side. Week 4 is all about cleaning it up thoroughly as no one likes to sit on a mucky chair. A gentle scrubbing with soap and warm water is sure to clear away everything unsavoury and make your furniture look fresher than ever.

Maintain The Green: Whether you own a small flat with a balcony that features your green thumb, or whether you own a full home, it’s important that you maintain the landscaping. If you don’t know where to start, then here are some good ideas that will teach you how to make the most of your outdoor space.

So these are the 4 Week, step-by-step guide you can use to easily upkeep your home. Spring cleaning may sound like a tireless chore, but it will definitely give you’re a fresh start and a clean, happy summer.

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