Tenants Rights During the Coronavirus Pandemic

You might be wondering ‘what are my renters rights during coronavirus?’ and while much remains uncertain in the current climate, we were relieved to hear the government’s plan this week that lays out support for everyone, whether they are a homeowner, a landlord, or renting. Let’s review:

What if I can’t pay the rent? 

Whether you live in a social or a private rental, no renter will be forced out of their home as a result of not meeting the rent if your financial difficulties are due to the coronavirus. It was confirmed that the three month mortgage payment holiday has been extended to landlords to alleviate their own concerns in paying the bills and thus supporting both tenants and landlords across the country. 

Can I be evicted? 

Landlords will not be able to begin proceedings to evict tenants for at least a three month period, which means that the process for eviction cannot begin during this time and you cannot be evicted.

What happens after that? 

After this time, the landlord and the tenant should work together to create a realistic repayment plan, taking into account each individuals’ personal circumstances. The government has worked closely with the ‘Master of Rolls’ (the president of the court of appeals) to improve pre-action protocol, i.e. on ensuring that landlords are prepared to actively engage with the tenant and understand their needs before any proceeding could begin to take place once the three months has passed. 

In short, both landlords and tenants will be protected during the pandemic. 

Stay up-to-date with the Government website on tenants rights:
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