The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

They say it’s crucial to get your greens, and we couldn’t agree more.

Living in London, where it’s known for its grey atmosphere, you’ll find it surprisingly pretty green. We’re not just thinking about Clapham Common, Hampstead Heath and Hyde Park – we’re talking windowsills filled with planters, offices decorated in plants and our homes turning into indoor jungles.

And we’re totally on board with that. We love plants.

Whether you want to stroll down Columbia Road Market, stacked up with bouquets and plants, or head to your local garden centre for a slice of cake and a browse, there are plenty of places to get your foliage dosage in London. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite spots.

Boma Garden Centre

(51-53 Islip Street, Kentish Town, NW5 2D)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

This is not just any Garden Centre, this is Boma Garden Centre. Alongside their incredible array of indoor and outdoor plants (and trees, bushes and pots etc etc) you’ll find a quaint coffee shop for a cake pit stop, and an option for a full garden service and patio makeover. If we go missing, you’ll most likely find us here…

Grace & Thorn

(338 Hackney Road, E2 7AX)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

We love Grace & Thorn – not only because they want to help green up your gaff however concrete, small or borrowed the space may be, but because they also released a book called ‘How Not To Kill Your Plants’. Oh and they offer bouquet and terrarium workshops – basically, sign us up all day, every day!

The Palace Gardener

(Bishop’s Avenue, SW6 6EE)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

It might typically be your outdoor plant kinda garden centre, but The Palace Gardener has everything you need to create your perfect indoor garden. From exotic cacti, to foliage and elegant orchids, they’ve got a range for big or small spaces. And it’s just a really lovely place to potter about. Spend your weekend here.


(31 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QL)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

Everything from Botanique’s store-front to the decor inside, is just waiting to be photographed. This shop combines both flowers and plants with a curated collection of handcrafted products. So basically, you’ll be leaving with plants for the bedroom, candles for the living room and soaps for the bathroom. And maybe a few extra plants on your way out… Don’t forget to photograph the shop, it’s very Instagrammable!

Conservatory Archives

(493-495 Hackney Road, E2 9ED)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

Now don’t blame us, but as soon as you step inside Conservatory Archives, there’s a strong chance you may just want to move in. It’s one lavish urban jungle, with big windows and even bigger greens. If you do manage to pry yourself away, you’ll certainly not be leaving empty handed.

Battersea Flower Station

(16 Winders Road, SW11 3HE)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

Battersea Flower Station might not be the biggest garden in London, but it’s definitely a beautiful and magical space. There’s a strong selection of house plants, and of course flowers, so if you also fancy treating yourself to a fresh bouquet of blooms, then we’d recommend here for sure!

N1 Garden Centre

(25A Englefield Road, N1 4EU)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

High quality, stylish and unique houseplants is what N1 Garden Centre offer. The team know their greens, and the space is almost like a scene out of a magazine. Expect plenty of on-trend home accessories, pots and of course plenty of greens to take home. And attempt to recreate a magazine vibe…

Columbia Road Flower Market

(Columbia Road, E2 7RG)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

Whilst the name predominantly screams flowers, this street is transformed into an oasis of foliage, with everything from your fresh blooms to banana trees, indoor plants and colourful succulents. You’ll find the likes of London House Plants here with their range of greens setting up camp for this busy Sunday, that is always worth a visit.

Camden Garden Centre

(2 Barker Drive, St Pancras Way, NW1 0JW)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

It’s fair to say that Camden Garden Centre have an impressive range of fresh plants that are ever changing from week to week. So whether you’re after something small, medium or incredibly large, you’ll find something for your indoor space. And take a trip upstairs to their gallery cafe, for a tasty pastry and the ultimate relaxed vibe.

Petersham Nurseries

(Church Lane, Richmond, TW10 7AB)

The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

A place of beauty, an emporium of goods and a celebration of the season, that’s what Petersham Nurseries are. They’re almost like a cross between Anthropologie and your local garden centre, but better. And whilst they might be a little more on the pricier side, everyone deserves a treat or too, so stay a while and soak up the beautiful scenery.


The Best Places To Buy Your Greens (Plants) In London

And if the hassle of flagging down a taxi or jumping on your local bus loaded down with greens, is a little too much, try Patch. Patch helps you discover the best plants for your space (yep, they’ve even got a section for Unkillable Houseplants…), delivers them direct to your door and helps you look after them, with updated videos and information. We love Patch!

And remember, rotation is key (so is watering them)!