Why do I need home contents insurance?

Fact: 58% of flatsharers do not have contents insurance. This means that for more than half of renters, their possessions will not be covered in the event of a flood, fire, burglary or other incident in which they get lost or damaged.

You’ve probably already thought about insurance for your phone, laptop, and other tech. But could you afford to replace all of your clothes if they were destroyed or lost? Or all of your furniture?

Luckily, here at ideal flatmate we have your back. Here are some great reasons why you need home contents insurance, and some help to make sure you’ve got all the coverage you need!

1. Everything’s protected

Once you’ve got a comprehensive contents insurance policy, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your clothing, furniture, jewellery, electrical goods and tech are all covered against loads of eventualities. Essentially, if you were to pick up your house, flip it upside down and shake it (bear with us here…) everything that were to fall out could be covered by contents insurance. Got an expensive set of kitchen pans you love to cook with? Covered. That gorgeous Habitat coffee table you spent far too much on but absolutely adore? Covered!

With a policy from buzzvault, you can also add accidental damage and away from home cover too: so when you smash your phone screen at the gym, or spill a cup of coffee on your MacBook (my worst nightmare!) it’s still covered.

You can get a home insurance quote from buzzvault in just 60 seconds

2. It’s really easy to set up

Gone are the days of lengthy forms, time-consuming inventories and loads of effort put into taking out a new insurance policy. With buzzvault, you can get a quote in just 60 seconds, so it couldn’t be easier to protect your possessions. 

3. You can choose what you want covered 

According to, sharers in the UK could be undervaluing their possessions by a whopping £27,000. It’s really important to make sure everything is covered: believe it or not, the average contents value is £35,000, while most sharers only insure their contents up to £7,717. But, you also want to make sure you’re not paying for overinflated policies.

There’s no point paying a premium for expensive things you don’t own! Unlike other insurance products, buzzvault uses unique video technology to understand exactly what you’re insuring in just 15 minutes. A reduction in risk for them, a reduction in price for you.

buzzvault video survey
buzzvault’s video survey allows them to understand exactly what you’re insuring in just 15 minutes

4. Claiming is easy

If the worst does happen, it’s important that the process of claiming on your insurance is easy and straightforward. No one wants to go through call centre after call centre, submitting proof to sort out their damaged or lost things.

With buzzvault, your tailored insurance covers exactly what you need; it’s a quicker and smarter service. They have a 24/7 UK-based claims service, and since you’ve completed a video inventory to validate your insurance you won’t need to go through the motions of proving what you’ve lost after an incident – allowing your claim to be handled swiftly and hassle-free.

What are you waiting for?

Life isn’t fair, accidents happen, and it’s far better to be covered in case the worst eventuality does occur. So, if you haven’t already got contents insurance for your home, Click here to get a quote from buzzvault in 60 seconds, and save yourself the worry!