Why you should move to: Notting Hill

Need a break from Central London? Notting Hill is the perfect place if you want to feel like you’re in a movie and day dream in pastel colours. Here’s a little list of our top things to do in Notting Hill, there’s something for everyone and especially for those who are into cute pictures because after all there’s no place more photogenic than this West London gem.

1. The classics 

Portobello market

The world famous Portobello Market is worth stopping by. There you can find anything from vintage street signs, retro pop art interior elements, antique silverware, old polaroid cameras to preloved fabolous fur coats. It’s one of the largests vintage markets and even if you don’t buy anything, it’s just worth seeing. It’s open daily (excluding Sunday) until 4:30pm.

House gazing 

You’ve probably seen pictures of these little colourful houses, pastel pink, blue and yellow looking like they’re taken out of a painting. Beautiful colours and vintage cars that’s what you can expect from every turn that you will take around Notting Hill. Don’t stare at your phone, look up instead because you might just miss a little treasure. 

 Electric Cinema

For a cinematic experience that compares to none other we highly recommend the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill (there’s also one in Shoreditch). You will be sitting in the most comfortable armchair, sofa or even BED, sipping on delicious cocktails, eating food and watching the best movies of the moment. Sounds like the perfect date night and it is.  Have a look at their website and book your tickets!

2. To eat

Granger & Co

The world is going crazy for Australian breakies and there’s a reason for that, they are de-li-cious so why don’t you give in and give it a try as well? Granger & Co is the perfect place for you. You can feel on the sunny east coast of Australia for just a morning when you’re in that restaurant. It’s so bright and welcoming and the food is lovely! You must try the ricotta and banana pancakes, they are to die for.

Farm girl

Notting Hill just seems to be the place for healthy and beautiful little places and while some might think they are cliche, they are all the rage right not. Farm Girl is one of them. It’s the perfect spot for a vegan lunch. The food is completely summer-body friendly yet so tasteful you won’t feel like you had to give up on anything.  Their coffee is also very good and the setup is totally ‘instagrammable’. 


Extremely healthy food that also tastes good? Yes that’s possible. I promise. You must try Farmacy’s macro bowl (quinoa, avocado, seaweed, sauerkraut, kale and sweet potato with miso ginger dressing) – everything to make you feel good. It’s quite similar to farm girl in terms of food but the set up is a bit different, they’re both worth seeing if you’re around. 

3. To see

Maddox gallery 

You don’t need to be an art fanatic to appreciate the extremely beautiful and well-chosen art pieces at the Maddox Gallery. There you can find a perfect mix of well established and emerging artists and you will have the pleasure to discover amazing art pieces before they become widely famous. The paintings and photography will make you dream and escape the busy London life. Get lost in the shots of David Yarrow for instance with his hypnotising wildlife photography. An exhibition that was definitely worth passing by. The gallery itself is just beautiful and the staff so welcoming and passionate. 

Holland Park

Last but not least… We can’t forget to mention Holland Park. Spring is around the corners so it’s time to start thinking about outdoors escapes and this one is definitely on the list. 

It’s unlike any other parks in London, it’s so diverse and beautiful. In the space of 10 minutes you can go through a tropical forest, a Japanese garden and a rose garden. Get lost in its beauty, explore all its corners and take a picnic with you to end the day well. Spring is around the corners so it’s time to start thinking about outdoors escapes and this one is definitely on the list. 

We’ve given you the scoop and the lowdown – think the area could be for you? Check out our selection of rooms for rent in Notting Hill to find your next home in the neighbourhood.