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About me

Hello! I’m 27, born in Italy, but moved in the UK 5 years ago. I lived in Essex for 3 years and I am now living in London with my girlfriend in a place where we'd love to stay for a decent amount of time and really call home. We are looking for people we can get along with and have similar interests/age as us. I am starting to work as a consultant within the sports industry from the middle of May in Shoreditch. It’s an amazing industry I’ve been working in for the last 3 years - I'm really into football as I used to work as a professional football coach. My partner Keira has worked in the charity sector and now works as a customer insights researcher in a big company over in West London. She’s super cool and we’ve been together for around 2 years! She has travelled a lot both in Europe and Central/South America as well as Africa. We are tidy, respectful and easy to be around (at least that’s the feedback!). We are really self-aware - consideration and respect are two of our favourite words when it comes to sharing houses. We’re quite social too and always up for a chat, a beer, or some telly/movie but also enjoy chilling in our room listening to music or watching some stuff on our laptop/working late... As long as there is respect and harmony, I can live with anyone. We have got an amazing group of friends from all over the world, and all kinds of ages and backgrounds. A lot Keira’s friends have worked in creative industry, are travelling the world, some professionals and some of them will be hanging out from time to time. We're looking for 1 flatmate to share our nice communal spaces! I could continue, but hopefully I'll be able to do it in person. Feel free to reach out!

Maximum budget: £2500/month

Ready to move in: Immediately