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About me

Hi! My husband Ethan and I are from Brisbane, Australia and we're looking for somewhere to live for our year abroad. I'm a student, studying a bachelor of social work, and Ethan is a software developer who will be remotely working from home. I'm outgoing, bubbly and love people. Ethan is slightly more introverted than me, but still loves meeting new people - he just needs a break sometimes more than I do! We both love music, Ethan plays guitar and violin, I play piano and we both love to sing. Ethan's main interests are gaming (PC generally, but xbox or playstation sometimes too), and building/flying RC planes and drones. I love to cook, bake, watch disney movies, sing musical theatre and listen to way too many podcasts and watch way too much youtube. We're both Christians, but not conservative ones. We love and accept people of all beliefs, and consider ourselves allies to the LGBTQ community. Since we're coming from Australia and don't really want to accumulate too much stuff while we're here, it would be ideal if the place we were moving into was furnished. We're so excited to live in the UK for a year, I've never lived abroad before and have been wanting to years! Ethan lived a year in Germany (he's fluent in German) but he's just as excited for the trip as I am. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Maximum budget: £150/month

Ready to move in: 11-11-2017

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  • London, United Kingdom