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Hello! My twin sister and I are looking for a third housemate to move into East London with us in September (around the DLR/central line). We are tidy and mature; we like a drink with friends on occasion and to go to the pub and gigs; but we like our home to be a calm, quiet and clean refuge for the most part (although we are not writing off the rare party if the occasion calls for it!). We are the kind of clean where we like things to be generally tidy, but we won't freak out if you leave your washing up until the morning. We are both involved in the arts - I am an actor and my sister works for a theatrical agency. We are therefore big fans of the theatre! We're also a bit nerdy and like history and literature - we read a lot. We're also fun and pretty hilarious (well, I am). We like to discuss politics. We are also dog enthusiasts. Female housemate preferred. Let me know if this sounds good to you!

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