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About me

I'm a fully funded PhD student at Queen Mary (arts & computer sciences) and I'm looking for 1-2 others to share a place with. I would love to live somewhere a little further out near a bit of nature as I enjoy walks. But I would also require good transport links. Especially looking at places near(ish) Lee Valley or Epping Forest area. I'm very friendly and would like to live with people I can hang out and have the odd chat with. But I also have my own social life and I work a lot at uni. I love a good pub and a pint of ale also. Massive cat lover so if you have a cat I'm 200% fine with that! Cat > no cat. Definitely don't want a party flat. I do sometimes work late at uni and I can occasionally come back home late if I've gone out. But I'm quiet and never bring people back. I'm into music of many kinds and make some myself occasionally. Although I always respect people's wishes for peace and quiet and will never play/make music at ridiculous hours. Into films and TV series'. Big fan of comedy, stand up in particular. Definitely up for watching things together. I consider myself a clean flatmate to live with. I always wash up after myself and I prefer to clean as and when its needed (as opposed to a strict cleaning rota). I'm not overly strict about cleanliness but I do like a relatively clean flat. My research is related to Artificial Life and simulating origin-of-life mechanisms in case anyone is interested in that.

Maximum budget: £650/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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