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Hi! My name is Tommy. I'm originally from the UK though have recently moved to London from Hong Kong (after 4 yrs) and I'm now working in primary education while studying / training towards the British teaching qualification. I have a small dog who will be coming to live in the flat after Christmas. He is fully housetrained, well-behaved and incredibly quiet. He would never be a nuisance or burden to prospective flatmates but nonetheless I am hoping to find someone who is fond of dogs & would enjoy living with him! I'm a sociable and outgoing person & ideally you would be the same. I do enjoy some privacy and alone time every now & again so being able to respect boundaries is important. My main hobbies are reading, travel, yoga & the outdoors. As I mentioned I am quite new to the city so I also enjoy getting out & exploring as well as meeting new people and having new experiences. Hope you'd be a part of this!