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About me

About me

My name is Chris, I'm 22, grew up in southern Spain and graduated from Liverpool Uni last year studying business management. Since then I have worked at Deliveroo (not on a bike) I was selling the software + hardware to restaurants, so getting more restaurants on to the app! After 6 months I got a new job at a tech start-up called EdgeMethods, here is the site; www.edgemethods. com Long story short the company makes things connect to the internet that haven't before using Microsoft cloud software. So I do Business Development and marketing for them up north, and now in London for 5 months. I work remotely, so sometimes (Monday mornings) I work from home, then I will either be in a co-working space or 'on-site.' So I am now looking for a fun, social house that I can hangout and chill with. Pubs, visiting places, netflix and stuff like that

Maximum budget: £850/month

Ready to move in: 03-02-2020

Looking for a room in

  • Zone 2
  • South London
  • Clapham