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About me

Hi, my name is Georgia. I'm a 20 year old who works in Piccadilly and I'm looking to move out of West London, and closer to my workplace. As I'm sure you're aware rent in central London is extautionate and so I feel that flat sharing is the best way forward! I am very social, and I don't mind being around people who are also social. I enjoy clubbing, and going out as well as hosting parties, I also don't mind having quiet nights in and reading, or watching films. I do like to be in a clean enviroment and have no qualms with doing my fair share of chores around the house as long as it's reciprocal. I would much rather be able to live with someone who I can socialise with, and feel comfortable in their company rather than just have the only bond being the fact we live together. I understand not everyone is always social but I do feel that it would be a nicer living environment if you can be friends with the people you live with!

Maximum budget: £900/month

Ready to move in: 06-01-2018

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