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About me

As you can already see, my name is Scott. I am from (funnily enough) Scotland - specifically a medium-sized town called East Kilbride. I am in the process of moving down to London to start an apprenticeship with the Civil Service where I will be (most likely) working in and around Westminster. Because of this, I would ideally like to buddy-up and find a location with good access to my work-area but also affordable. I have flat shared before while studying Mathematics at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from it. Mainly to respect other people's space while also making great friends for life! I would say I am quite a tidy person, where I will get a wee bit stressed out if there is too much of a mess, but I am definitely not too overbearing with this, I just think we need to respect each other's living spaces. I enjoy having a drink after work, going out at the weekends and socializing, and as I am moving down from Scotland I will have no pals down south so would like to find flatmates who can also be friends! I consider myself a kind person, who will do more than most to help people with their problems. I also enjoy watching loads of TV, playing sports, going to the gym (when I can be arsed) and playing games online with my mates! Recently single and terrified with this big move, all I am really looking for are people I can trust and get along with - we don't have to be BFF's but it would be nice to make some connections with people! Let me know if you are interested in chatting about a possible flat-share!

Maximum budget: £600/month

Ready to move in: 31-10-2017

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