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About me

Relaxed, sociable young professional, recently moved to London. Looking to meet some equally easy-going flatmates who also want to create an environment with an informal, homey feeling. I currently work for an international wine and spirits company; my previous job was running a hotel's wine cellar. I enjoy good food, good drink, and good company! Going out and staying in work for me in equal measure. Sometimes when I'm out I lose track of the time, but I'm always quiet if I'm coming in late. I love meeting new people and I'm generally happy to chat with just about anyone, but sometimes after work I like a bit of space and quiet to myself. I'm really into cooking and I love cooking for people. If you live with me, I'll probably end up cooking for you at some point (probably quite frequently, if you want!) I believe a tidy kitchen is a happy kitchen -- but, as I said, I'm a relaxed person looking to move in with relaxed people. I'm not into nagging people, and equally I don't want to be nagged. Tidy is good, but a house should look like people actually live there. So long as everyone is reasonable, that's the main thing. I've got a few friends who live in different cities/countries who sometimes travel to see me. In the past, I've always appreciated it when former flatmates have been okay with having my friends (all very pleasant and respectful people) stay over for a few days. Naturally, if you want guests over too, I'm completely happy with that. I'll probably offer to cook dinner and share a bottle of wine with them. Currently attempting to learn Italian with a view to moving to Italy in a few year's time. I also enjoy going to the gym and riding my motorcycle.

Maximum budget: £800/month

Ready to move in: 01-12-2017

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  • Clapham