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Hello my names la'shay im a black white British female from north London, i am 20 years old currently a retail shop manager. I am looking for a spacious double room to rent ideally looking to pay between £500-600 pcm, i would prefer an ensuit toilet/bathroom so I know this could increase price but it is not essential. I'd like to have a shared living room for socialisation/relaxation purposes , a shower is also essential for me but would be nice to have a bath also. I would like to live with either male or females aged 21-26 preferably professionals but open to students. I want to live in a clean house so I'd like my flat mates to care about the cleanliness of the property as much as me and if I am sharing a bathroom this is a very important factor for me. I'm social , bubbly and like to have a laugh spending time with the people I care about most. When I'm not working I like to go out on the weekends and cook up storms and chill when I'm at home.It's either a movies snacks and pjs/tracksuit day or it's a high heels dress up full face of makeup day. I'm a very happy go lucky person quiet open minded I'm honest, considerate ,mature and responsible. I believe they are important traits to have when living in shared accommodation ,I'd like to live with people full of personality people who are okay with socialising around the house ,I don't want to walk around our home in silence not saying 'morning' if we see eachother in the kitchen just walking past instead and things like that so I'd like to have a nice friendly atmosphere. Living with me isn't hard at all I'm social no bad vibes keep myself to myself keep on top of the cleaning etc , I know how to run a home so I won't be a housemate that people get frustrated with for leaving things in the sink or not cleaning the bathroom plug hole, I won't take your things from the kitchen and then say I haven't seen them lol stuff like that. You respect me I respect you , your polite to me I'm polite to you , you ain't got something you need for cooking/cleaning/sugar/milk etc knock on my door and see if I got some I'm that kind of flatmate. I am looking to move in anytime from January 1st 2018 my preferred areas are…Edmonton, Tottenham, Enfield and Woodgreen. Also Smoking preferred. Look forward to hearing from my future flat mates.

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