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About me

I study design and UAL, LCC; I'm currently in my last year and planning on pursuing a masters. I work part time as a german consultant, am quiet, friendly and not much of a party person but I don't mind the odd chat or dinner. I love swimming, baseball and martial arts, and speak 3 languages fluently (german, indonesian, and english) and a bit of french. I grew up internationally, mixed background, am laid-back and don't fuss over much and I'm pretty open minded. I'm very direct but I try my best to empathise. London is a cultural hotspot and one of the greatest cities on earth, if you can't feast your eyes on new things here where would you? Like a lot of metropolises it has its ups and downs and fair share of superficialness, but it also brings a lot of backgrounds together in pursuit of many different things at a single time. Cities that are constantly alive provide the best environment to learn from which is why I chose to study here.

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