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About me

30 year old laid back guy looking for a buddy up. I like to keep my place clean enough to live without stress, but I'm not ocd, a home is for living. I'm 30 and enjoy photography, art, video games, 3d printing and a good burger. I do have a chronic pain condition, which means I am on disability benefits and will be at home a lot of the time, although most of that time will probably be spent in my own space. Don't worry though, I don't have any real accessibility needs further than a bathtub and unless I told you, you'd probably never guess I was ill. I come with furniture, an ability to fix any computer issue and a blue badge but no car, which means if you have a car, you get my blue badge and can park as obnoxiously as you like all over town!

Maximum budget: £1100/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • London, United Kingdom