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About me

Hello! I'm looking forward to moving back into London after taking a career break last year to travel to southern Italy (which was fab! and I can now even speak some ropey Italian :) I'd love to find some nice & interesting people in a friendly flat share -- I have a good group of friends already, but it's also nice to hang out at home after work especially. I'm sociable and enjoy going out, but I'm looking for a pretty relaxed flat (a fun and friendly vibe is cool, but I'm not looking for wild parties!) In my spare time more than anything I love seeing friends. I'm a culture-lover and enjoy soaking up great comedy, music, theatre and more too. I'm a bit of a foodie as well and enjoy cooking some nights (and happy to share some with you if it looks tasty!) I really like walking when I can, travelling London on foot and all the parks and canals. I am a web designer/coder by trade and just starting an exciting new job with an electric car charging network.

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