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About me

Instrumentalist, cooks, IT, knowledge, culture, language, lover of wisdom, traditional, modern, ethnic, nervous, agitated, alarmed, calm, tranquil, quiet, serene, peaceful, pacific, undisturbed, restful, balmy, halcyon, soothe, silly, ludicrous, laughable, absurd, risible, farcical, preposterous, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, honourable, true, faithful, loyal, constant, unswerving, unwavering, unfailing, sure, steadfast, steady, stable, trusty; sensible, responsible, conscientious, competent, educator, tutor, instructor, pedagogue, master, governess, educationist, coach, trainer; lecturer, professor, don, fellow, easy-going, relaxed, even-tempered, equable, placid, mellow, mild, happy-go-lucky, serene, blithe, carefree, free and easy, nonchalant, insouciant, unruffled, unworried, untroubled, imperturbable, unexcitable, amiable, considerate, undemanding, forbearing, patient, tolerant, lenient, liberal, broad-minded, open-minded, understanding, generous, indulgent; good-natured, good & bad humoured, pleasant, agreeable, laid-back, together, unflappable, unfazed.

Maximum budget: £250/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • London, United Kingdom