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About me

My name is Adam, I'm 29 yo and originally from Poland but in London from 2011 and it's my 7th year in London now - time flies! I've done Philosophy for my degree and are still into it, although that does not win my daily bread - I work as a Product Manager in Tech sector. I love art and consider it to be one of the highest of all human activities (sic). At times I travel to some strange places to see the paintings I love, I also have a nice collection of poetry. I used to binge watch obscure international films - the likes of Bergman, Jodorovsky, Tarkovsky and other sky's :) I used to have a home cinema projector but it broke, might buy another one in February. I love music and listen to it every day - although I'm reasonable with volume. I go out almost every weekend for a gig/live music or to a club for DJs I like. A few of my friends are actually DJs so I'm quite close to London music scene :)

Maximum budget: £1000/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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