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About me

I'm a freelance writer currently living in Ealing and looking to move... well, anywhere to be honest. I don't really care where I end up living, over the years I've moved from Woolwich to Northfields so anywhere else will fall nicely onto the spectrum. I'm often on press trips so might be away for a few days at a time, but when I'm around I like to be sociable and love a drink. That said, I work from home fairly often and don't really have a concept of weekdays vs weekends and like to get out the house when I can. I like to think I'm easy to get on with. Then again, doesn't everyone? I'm pretty sure I am. Like... 90% sure. I'm generally relaxed (unless I'm hungover). I make a mean sweet chilli chicken as well so there's that. I'm into all the usual things: films, Netflix, a weird cross-section of music, the pub, etc. If you like what you read (not what you see, that photo's not exactly my best. Not my worst either though.) get in touch!

Maximum budget: £650/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • London, United Kingdom