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***CURRENTLY LIVING IN TEXAS. WILL BE IN LONDON MAY 1-8 IF YOU WANT TO MEET IN PERSON. NEED A PLACE TO MOVE IN BY THE END OF MAY. Hey there! :) My name is Jessica and my husband is Jeremiah. We are from Texas and are moving to London around May. We are looking to rent a flat around Central London. Since we are married, we will be sharing a double room. We also have two dogs. Here is a quick bio about us! Jessica: I'm 26 and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with two degrees - Investment Finance and Asian Languages/Culture. I worked as a Finance Consultant with Ernst & Young for four years, but will be leaving my job once I move to London to pursue a career change. I am now pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology at The University of Sussex, so I will be commuting back and forth between London and Brighton every day. I will not be working part time due to school/professional volunteer efforts so you can consider me a full-time student. My hobbies include movies, figure skating, tennis, League of Legends, travelling, food, and reading. I’m pretty laid back, but would appreciate quiet hours between 12 AM – 6 AM during Mon-Thur due to my school schedule. I’m an American/Polish citizen. Fluent in English and Polish! Jeremiah: I’m 28 and graduated from the United States Military Academy (West Point). I’m a military veteran who has served in the US Army as a captain for 5 years. I worked as Project Manager for Bank of America for 2 years after that, and am currently about to take a new job in London with Facebook. I love all kinds of sports, especially American Football and ‘real’ football. I enjoy going out to pubs, restaurants, concerts, and sporting events. My wife and I play a lot of League of Legends, enjoy watching movies/tv shows, go on a lot of trips, and enjoy making friends. I am Filipino/American and speak both Tagalog and English. I’m a very clean person so would appreciate having a flat mate that will clean up after themselves. And finally, we have two WONDERFUL dogs we just know you will love! Marley is a 5 year old Golden Retriever and Guile is a 4 year old Swedish Vallhund. They are both trained VERY well (we raised them from 6 weeks old to now) and are housebroken. Guile is crate trained and is crated at night and when we are out of the house. Marley is not crated, but usually sleeps in his dog bed when no one is home. Neither of them are destructive and are trained to ONLY touch and play with objects that are designated dog toys. They will ignore everything else on the floor if it’s not an approved toy (so no need to worry about your shoes/property being destroyed). They only bark to alert us if someone knocks on the door, otherwise they are extremely quiet. They are not allowed on any furniture that is not our bed, and a simple “Off” command will work if you catch them trying to break that rule. But most of the time they won’t jump on furniture unless invited. They also don’t jump on you for food, but will pull the “silent puppy dog begging look from under the table” if they see you with snacks. Don’t let them guilt trip you. Marley is especially talented in this area! Marley jumps to greet people. If he does this, just yell “NO” or “OFF”. He’ll get the picture after a few times that you dislike this. They are great roommates and no one has had issues with them in the past, in fact, we always get comments on how well trained and behaved they are. It’s easy to forget they are around! They get along very well with other dogs and cats. Accommodation: We are looking for a flat that is fairly spacious since we have two dogs. We would like something that is right next to a park/grassy area so we can take our dogs out for potty breaks, but are willing to be flexible on that if there is a potty break area within reasonable distance if the flat is in a really great/exciting area. What You Can Expect from Us: We are great roommates. We are both very clean, quiet, and professional. While we appreciate quite hours on the weekdays, we do love a good time and do not mind if you are loud and stay up late on the weekends! We usually enjoy board-game/sport nights so might have one of those every now and then. But like mentioned, we are generally a quiet couple so even our get-together nights are generally calm. Yes, our dogs shed, but we are diligent on cleaning so will be vacuuming the flat twice a week! Jessica likes to decorate, so please let us know beforehand if there is something you do not want us putting up around the flat. Let us know if you have any questions!

Maximum budget: £1100/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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